Regulations: B&B Boomken’s Ranch and Chalet.
We would like your stay to meet your expectations! That is only possible if you know what to expect. In order to avoid confusing situations, we ask you to read our regulations.
When confirming the booking reservation you also sign that you have read the regulations and you agree with them.

Our accommodations;

The luxury wellness / cenema room (B&B) with underfloor heating that cools in the summer and heats in the winter and has adjustable ventilation (This room is located in the basement.

The chalet Cabaña Bonanza You can rent it as a holiday home for two people for a weekend (Fr/Sun), week (Fri/Fri) of midweek Mon/Fri). Dogs (max 2) are welcome in our chalet. (Unfortunately not allowed in our B&B rooms.)

The prices stated on the site are excluding tourist tax. This is 1.25 p.p.p.d. This is stated separately on the invoice.

1 A- The booking is confirmed after payment (You can pay it online via IDEAL of banktransaction.
1 B- You can transfer the amount on to our IBAN account up to 14 days after date on the bill and only no later than 3 days in advance: NL97.INGB.0006.8771.26 Bic code: INGBNL2A On the name of: B&B Boomken’s Ranch Please note your name.
(Only last minute bookings shorter than 3 days in advance to the booking date can pay in cash on arrival)
1 C- Bookings made by a 3rd person are hereby informed that that person is responsible for the contract.
And you are obliged to provide the contact details and expected arrival time of the guest. And let the guests read our regulation form.
1 D Should it happen that you have to cancel your booking, you must report this asap.
If you cancel your reservation later than 21 days before the arrival date, you owe 50% of the full amount.
14 days before arrival you are due the full amount. Restitution is not possible within this period!
This also applies, of course, to “no show” bookings! This is because it is difficult to rent the accommodation so short notice.
(We would like to draw your attention to avoiding unnecessary expenses on your travel insurance!
It is also possible (only in consultation) to transfer your reservation to another person)
1 E- The hottub is a facility of our chalet. So not availible for guests of our wellness suite.
1 F- Nude/topless recreation is not allowed on our site.
1 G- Finnish Sauna is a facility for guests staying in the wellness suite.
1 H- B&B Boomken’s Ranch has the right to cancel a booking with a valid reason at any time.
Of course you will refund the full amount in this case. And we will try to help with a suitable solution.

It is not possible to go horse riding with our horses.
For guided outdoor horseback riding in the woods we would like to refer you to: 0031-652151327
Or for lessens Hoeve Galderzicht 0031-654653963

Info guests B&B Boomken’s Ranch & Boomken’s Chalet
2 A- You can check in between 16:00 – 22:00 and check out before 10:30.
2 B- Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring your car / luggage earlier than the check-in time..
2 C- Tenants should prevent sound disturbence.
2 D- The room/suite and chalet must be kept tidy.
2 E- Our B&B and chalet are not suitable for small children and baby’s. Children from 12 years and older are more than welcome in our Bed and Breakfast and chalet.
2 F- Under no circumstances do we consider ourselves liable for the loss or theft of your belongings.
1 G- You are responsible for the key and remote control of the gate during your stay. Should this get lost or broken, the costs of a new lock and or new remote will be charged.
2 H- No smoking in the room/suite or the chalet. Not even close to open doors or open windows.
Ash and cigarette butts must be thrown in the ashtray. Not in the bin due to possible fire hazard.
2 I- Candles in the room, suite or chalet are not allowed for safety reasons. We therefore we offer you to use LED candles.
2 J- Please drive slowly on our driveway.
2 K- It is forbidden (without owner) to go into the meadow and stables of the animals. Or to give them food. (This in connection with your safety and that of the animals)
2 L- Campfire is only allowed in the outdoor fireplace and if appropriate weather. (Not in case of too much wind or extreme drought)
2 M- To guarantee our privacy and the privacy of our other guests, visitors are only allowed in consultation with us.
And they are not allowed to spend the night in your room, suite or the chalet or use the facilities without the owners permission and without paying extra.
2 N- Because of staires our B&B is not suitable for disabled people.
2 O- If something gets broken during your stay, you are obliged to report this! Should it be found immediately after your stay that something has been broken or missing, the costs for replacement or repair will be charged!
2 P- You must leave your rented space tidy at all times. Put everything back in its place. And clean up your waste.
2 Q- Eating in our chalet:
For this, you have to take into account that most likely guests will check in directly after your stay.
Therefore it is not allowed the cooking and eating of strong smelling food in in the chalet. The wellness suite does not have a kitchen! Only microwave. Guests of our wellness suite can eat in the breakfast room. So not in the suite.
2 R- And for the chalet, the dishes must be washed and dogs droppings picked up.
2 S- We separate waste (Paper, plastic and rest. (You can give green waste to the pigs but only ettable and no meet)
2 T- If it is not left tidy, a aditional cleaning fee of 50,- will be charged afterwards!

Info for guests with dogs
Dogs (max 2) are welcome after consultation and only in the chalet! So not in the B&B rooms.
It goes without saying that everyone should take each other into account. This also applies to guests with dogs.

In the chalet there is a info map. With restaurant linformation wich indicated where you are most welcome with your dog.
There is a dog area in the Mastbos and the Liesbos (Beda) where dogs can run free.
And from 31 October to 1 April, dogs may run, play and swim free at the galderse meren (lake) (5 min drive)

3 A- Your dog: Must be social, healthy, dewormed, treated against fleas / ticks. (Please bring passport for inspection)
-Your dog should not cause inconvenience. (barking persistently or bothering the other guests)
– Dogs must not be left alone in the chalet, the garden or your car on our premises when you leave our premises. (This is for the welfare of your animal and to prevent possible damage, nuisance.)
– Dogs are allowed to walk loose on our premises but only in consultation with us because we also have dogs ourselves.
And you do have to stay with your dog (because we also have horses and other animals)
– Dogs are not allowed on our furniture !! (Beds, sofa, etc.) Because hygiene and possible damage.
– Poo must be picked up.
-For reasons of hygiene, it is not allowed to keep frozen meat for your dog in our fridges / freezers.
You will have to take a cooling option for this yourself.
-You are responsible for any damage that your animal causes.
-We also want to inform you that we have horses on our property. These are behind a fence. Also your garden at the chalet is fenced 120cm high.
-For obvious reasons dogs are not allowed to go into the feeld with the horses and piggs. For the safety of your and our animals.
It can happen…, But you are responsible for injury to your dog and our horses…

If you or your party do not comply with our pre-arranged regulations or cause inconvenience to us or our guests, we are at all times authorized to ask you to leave immediately. Refund is not possible in this case!

We try to make the stay of all our guests as pleasant as possible.
If something is not to be desired during your stay, we would like to hear it on the spot.
So that we can immediately do something about it.